Sex Therapy – Marriage & Couples Counseling

Certified Sex Therapist treats sexuality, sexual problems, sexual dysfunctions, sexual anxiety, loss of sexual desire, inhibited sexual desire, premature ejaculation, impotence, sexual traumas, PTSD, sexual abuse from childhood. Marriage counseling and relationship counseling. Intimacy and communication skills. Dr. Boulware has over 30 years counseling & psychology experience. Certified EMDR Therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Sex Therapy and Relationship & Marriage Counseling Services. Los Angeles – Santa Monica – Redondo Beach
Certified Sex Therapist Helps Individuals and Couples
Sex Therapy for Male and Female Sexual Problems
  • Erection difficulties, impotence
  • Pre-mature ejaculation
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Inability to reach orgasm
  • Sexual anxiety
  • Pain during sex
  • Sexual concerns with infertility
  • Sexual enrichment.
  • Enhancing sexual desire
  • Developing love making skills
  • Intimacy skills training
  • Sexual Addictions
  • Sex Therapy: For male sexual dysfunction: Pre-mature Ejaculation, Problems with Erections – Impotence, Loss of sexual desire.
  • Sex Therapy: For female sexual dysfunction: Difficulty reaching orgasm, Vaginismus, Pain during sex. Sexual concerns in relation to infertility. Lack of sexual desire.
  • Couples/Relationship Counseling: Couples Therapy :Sexual enrichment. Enhancing sexual desire. Developing love making skills. Intimacy skills training.Communication Skills.
  • Marriage Counseling: For marital or relationship difficulties, communication and anger problems,infidelity, divorce. Marital betrayals, difficult divorces. Lack of intimacy or commitment.
  • Recovery from Sexual Trauma:For Adults emotionally, physically or sexually abused as children. Rape recovery, and PTSD. Overcoming sexual fears, anger and rage, sexual disgust, sexual addiction, sleep disturbances, nightmares, insomnia. Healing from sexual abuse.
  • Gay and Lesbian Relationship Counseling: Specific issues related to gay and lesbian couples and individuals are treated.
Do you have any of the following issues? Do you experience any of the following emotions?
  • Loss of intimacy in your relationship?
  • Low interest in sex or low sexual desire?
  • Difficulty relaxing and enjoy sex?
  • Problems getting and maintaining erections?
  • Difficulty controlling ejaculations and timing?
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm?
  • Do you experience painful intercourse?
  • Obsessive/Compulsive thoughts about sex?
  • Feeling guilty about sex, without knowing why?
  • In a painful relationship and thinking about leaving?
  • Were you physically or emotionally abused as a child?
  • Embarrassment – shame or guilt about or during sex
  • Self-blame, self-consciousness
  • Chronic or excessive sadness and/or anger
  • Indecisiveness or mental confusion
  • Worry, anxiety, obsessive thinking
  • Unpleasant feeling, mood swings
  • Negativity, pessimism, irritability
If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, Sex Therapy and/or Relationship counseling could help you overcome these problems. Dr. Boulware has been an Certified Sex Therapist and Relationship/Marriage Therapist for over 20 years and has extensive training and experience in specific sex therapy techniques and methods that are short-term, problem-focused and solution oriented.   The advantages of choosing a Certified Sex Therapist are:
  • specialized training in treating sexual dysfunctions
  • comprehensive, evaluation and treatment
  • individualized, short-term, problem-focused treatment
  • the comfort of knowing your therapist is familiar with your sexual issues
  • solutions for individuals and couples
  • special training in marriage and couples problems
  • a caring and highly trained professional
  • a confidential, safe and supportive environment
Most people have sexual and relationship problems at one time or another in their lives. Although the causes may vary widely, it is important to know that, whatever the cause, sexual and relationship issues can be treated.Some common sexual problems people seek therapy for are:
  • getting and maintaining an erection
  • low sex drive
  • difficulty in achieving orgasm
  • sexual inhibition and guilt
  • intimacy-related problems, such as conflicts about sexual frequency or relationship commitment.

  A healthy and satisfying sex life is an essential component of a balance and fulfilled life. Dr. Boulware uses a powerful blend of traditional and holistic sex therapy methods, like EMDR, EFT and Somatic Experiencing. These methods help you release negative emotions that block sexual desire, self-acceptance and the ability to achieve more intimate, satisfying, fun and passionate relationships.