Are there studies that show EMDR is effective?

EMDR is a thoroughly researched method for the treatment of PTSD & trauma, including sexual trauma.  There are many studies on EMDR, more than for any other method.  Studies of people who experienced combat, rape, loss of loved ones, and serious accidents, showed that 84-90% found relief for their emotional distress with only three EMDR sessions.  Another study showed EMDR to be twice as effective in half the time of standard psychotherapeutic care.

Another study of post traumatic stress sufferers showed significant improvement with EMDR treatments that were maintained at least for the next 15 months.  Although many experience dramatic results in a short period of time, others progress at a slower pace.  However, the results are just as effective and long lasting.

Since it’s inception in 1989, additional research helped develop and evolve EMDR.  Today, more than half a million individuals have benefited from treatments with EMDR.


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