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ABS Board Certified Sex Therapist -- Clinical Fellow, American Academy of Clinical Sexologists
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Certified Sex Therapist treats sexuality, sexual problems, sexual dysfunctions, sexual anxiety, loss of sexual desire, inhibitied sexual desire, premature ejaculation, impotence, sexual traumas, PTSD, sexual abuse from childhood. Marriage counseling and relationship counseling. Intimacy and communication skills. Dr. Boulware has over 20 years counseling & psychology experience. Certified EMDR Therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

Problems with Lack of Orgasm in Women

Lack of Orgasm in Women (Female Orgasmic Disorder)
Other terms: inhibited female orgasm, anorgasmia, preorgasmia

One of the most common complaints by women is the inability to achieve orgasm. About 15% of women do not experience an orgasm under any circumstances with any type of stimulation. About 20% of women never, or rarely, experience orgasm during intercourse, but can achieve orgasm by other means.

Treatment focuses on emotional or situational factors that that may contribute to the problem. The therapist helps the individual explore psychological issues and fears, such as: giving up control, guilt about sex or masturbation, shame of one's body, physical discomfort or pain during intercourse, a history of physical or sexual abuse, relationship problems, lack of appropriate stimulation, concerns about body image and trust issues.

Therapy usually involves giving information and assigning specific techniques to be practiced at home. These steps help reduce anxiety and modify the tendency to be overly focused on preorgasmic sensations. A unique program of therapy is designed for each woman that will help her discover the sensations that will give her enough pleasure for orgasm. These new skills can ultimately be incorporated during interplay with her sexual partner. With this type of therapy program, most women can learn to become orgasmic.

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