Technological Limitations of Confidentiality

This information is provided to protect the safety and security of communications between us. Current technological changes have impacted the previously confidential nature of electronic communications.
It is important that you understand these changes so you may make decisions about how we use those electronic communications between us.

E-MAILS: It is important that you understand that the nature of the internet is that any emails you send or receive may also be intercepted by other people. Therefore, if you send me an email or if you ask me to resond to your about something via an email, you must understand that it is not entirely confidential and may be intercepted by others.

CORDLESS PHONES AND CELLPHONES: If you call me by cordless phone or cell phone, your conversation should not be considered to be entirely confidential because it may be able to be intercepted by others. Similarly, if you have left a message for me and then retrieve your messages either by cordless phone or cell phone, others may also hear the message that you hear from me. I will not alter my responses
to your calls, because it will not help you to have me censor those replies; however, if you want to protect the confidentiality of my message on your phone services, you must retrieve them only from a land-line and not by cordless or cellular phone.

FAXES: There may be errors in transmission faxed materials. Sometimes wires may get crossed or a fax may inadvertently be sent to the wrong number. If you should fax something to me, you must be aware that this kind of error is possible and that the information you send me may therefore not be confidential.


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